About Romanian Community

The Romanian community in the United Kingdom has risen constantly after Romania joined the European Union, and this trend continues in the present. The community is spread throughout the UK, with higher concentration in the London region and urban areas such as Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds and Belfast.

In the United Kingdom, EU citizens do not have the obligation to register with local authorities, thus there is no official data indicating the actual size of the Romanian community, however, combined statistical indicators confirm the afore-mentioned trend.

Generally well-integrated in the British society, the Romanian community in the UK holds high professional qualifications, the majority of Romanian citizens are working both in sectors experiencing staff shortages (doctors, nurses, social workers) and in areas of great interest for the British economy and society (agriculture, construction, home care services) but with low interest in the local workforce.

According to figures provided by some professional organizations, there are an important number of high qualified Romanians working in UK, with thousands of doctors, artists, architects, professors, ICT and finance specialists and researchers. They are esteemed and reputed, or are about to accomplish recognition in universities, research centers or in the City.

Romanian citizens arriving in the UK for a short period of time with the purpose of employment, regardless of the work performed (skilled or unskilled), are valued for their ethics, seriousness, punctuality, qualities which British employers value.

The Embassy of Romania in London regards the Romanian community as a priority, developing joint projects both with Romanian communities’ representatives and with British authorities aiming to support Romanian citizens in the UK.

Therefore, the Romanian community is more eager to get engaged in events organized by the Embassy by an active participation, an increased number of projects developed by the community itself and the involvement of a growing number of young Romanian in volunteering activities.

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