Bilateral relations

Economic Relations

The strategic and privileged relations between Romania and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland are now benefitting from outstanding political and economic cooperation.

The Romanian – British relations are stronger than ever. During the years that have passed we witnessed continuous development and enhancement of relations between institutions, but also between individuals, the British-Romanian relationship being based first of all on a similarity of understanding of the world and of certain values.

The bilateral cooperation is moving forward on a fast track, boosting the two-way trade, business and investment. UK is already the 10th biggest investor in Romania. On average, 17 companies with British capital are registered every month, and Romania now has a total of around 5,200 UK companies.

UK is a major economic and trading partner of Romania, ranking 5th in the top Romanian export destinations and 14th in the top import sources. The bilateral trade reached in 2015 the highest level in our history: EUR 3.95 billion, an increase of 14% against 2014.

The British companies should look more closely at the opportunities in Romania: its strong macro-economic fundamentals, its large and still under-serviced domestic market, its highly qualified and competitively priced workforce, its advantageous geographic position with reach in the Balkans and Black Sea regions. And of course it is part of the EU Single Market and a three-hour flight from the UK, making it an accessible domestic market, with 20million consumers, for small and medium sized companies and the larger ones as well.

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