Brief history

Diplomatic relations between Romania and the United Kingdom were established on the 20th of February, 1880 - two years after the 1877-1878 Independence war against the Ottoman Porte - when Great Britain, Germany and France recognised the independence and sovereignty of Romania.

The very same day, Romanian-British diplomatic relations were established at Legation level. The General Consul of Great Britain to Bucharest, William Arthur White, was the first among the representatives of the three Great Powers to present his credentials as Extraordinary Envoy and Minister Plenipotentiary of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland to Bucharest. Accordingly, Nicolae Callimachi-Catargiu, former Minister for Foreign Affairs and Romanian Envoy to Paris, was sent to London as Extraordinary Envoy and Minister Plenipotentiary of the United Principalities of Moldova and Walachia. He presented his credentials to Queen Victoria on the 19th of July 1880.

The event had been prepared well in advance. Following the diplomatic mission of the renowned Romanian poet, playwright and politician Vasile Alecsandri to London and Paris, successfully getting the recognition of the United Principalities by Great Britain and France, Diplomatic Agencies of the United Principalities were established in London and Paris in 1860.

Over the years, many prestigious Romanian diplomats have been posted in London. Among them, Mircea Eliade - mainly known to the world as a historian of religion, fiction writer, philosopher and professor at the University of Chicago - was appointed in 1940, aged 33, as press and cultural attaché at the Romanian Legation in the United Kingdom.


The Ambassador of Romania to Great Britain participated at the religious service at St. Paul and All Romanian Saints Orthodox Church in London


On 15.02.2015, at the invitation of the Parish Priest, Sorin Grecu , The Ambassador of Romania to Great Britain, Dr. Ion Jinga , attended the religious service of the St. Paul and All Romanian Saints Orthodox Church, located in Forest Gate, along with…

Visit of the Ambassador of Romania to Hull University


On 27th January 2015, the Ambassador of Romania to London, Dr Ion Jinga, visited the Hull University, at the invitation of Professor Calie Pistorius, the Vice-Chancellor of the University. The visit marked the inauguration in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, of the…