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The Romanian Cultural Institute (RCI) is the official organisation which promotes Romanian culture and civilization in the world. The RCI branch in London has its headquarters in 1 Belgrave Square, and is one of the 16 centres of the RCI network in the world, financed by the RCI and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, under the patronage of the President of Romania.

The RCI develops in situ an important part of its cultural programmes – often in partnership with the Embassy or with cultural organizations in the public or non-governmental sector.

Between 2006-2008, Romania’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs refurbished the building in close coordination with the RCI team in London. The space was brought in line with the needs of the cultural programmes, while also matching the diplomatic specific status of the building. Accordingly, an exhibition, a concert hall and RCI offices were set-up, as well as the area of artistic residence ”Attic Arts” have been organised through a conversion of the attic. The RCI created the “Enescu Society” in 2007 and organises successful chamber concerts every month.

The protocol salons of the building are used both by the Embassy and the Romanian Cultural Institute. A special protocol salon reserved for the Ambassador is also located here, for high ranking diplomatic meetings, named “The Tilea Salon” in memory of the first diplomat to represent Romania in London in the late’30s, the Minister of Legation Viorel V. Tilea. The salon and the concert hall on the first floor display valuable pieces of furniture, portrait–sculptures and paintings signed by Romanian and British artists.

The building also has accommodation facilities for the RCI staff as well as temporary accommodation for Romanian artists taking part in various internships and cultural programmes organised in London.

The capacity of the building is to be expanded as an “artistic space” by creating a room for multi-media projections, conferences and theatre. Any changes in refurbishing the interior are done in accordance with the architectural morphology of the building-which is part of the British protected patrimony of the area.

On the RCI London website there is a video journal of the 2006 refurbishing and of the making of RCI as a new institution on the cultural map of London: “RCI - Making of http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NsFTou4SPPo

Besides the pictures taken on site during the refurbishing period, the film also contains information on the history of the house and archive photographs offered by Mrs. Ileana Troiano Tilea, daughter of the former Ambassador Viorel Tilea. Thus we discover a history of the building in which we find personalities such as Winston Churchill or Grigore Gafencu, former Romanian Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Full of history and a dynamic diplomatic and cultural activity of today, the building at number 1 Belgrave Square can be rightfully called Romania’s House in London.


London, December 2011


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