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Mortuary passport

Due to the recent changes as regards the Romanian legal framework concerning the repatriation of the bodies (Law no 102/ 2014) we would like to kindly inform you that it has become compulsory to obtain a mortuary passport issued by the Consular Department – Embassy of Romania to the UK.

The following documents must be submitted in order for the Consular Department to issue the mortuary passport:

  • Death Certificate with Hague Apostille issued by FCO
  • Romanian ID card/ passport of the deceased,
  • Embalming Certificate,
  • Out of England,
  • Free from Infection,
  • Certificate from the Romanian authorities proving the deceased will be buried in a Romanian cemetery,
  • Funeral Director’s Declaration that:
  • The remains of the deceased have been embalmed in accordance with prescribed regulations;
  • The coffin contains the remains of the deceased (and clothing and linings) and nothing else;
  • The coffin has been hermetically sealed in accordance with all the regulations and is consigned to …..
  • All necessary regulations have been complied with and the deceased may safely proceed from….. to….

The following persons may apply for a mortuary passport:

  • The relatives of the deceased person
  • Any other person including the representative of a funeral company – based on a power of attorney from the relatives of the deceased person

There are no consular fees to be paid for the issuance of the mortuary passport.

Please ensure your staff is aware about the new requirements introduced by the Romanian law.

For any question you may have, please contact us on our emergency line: 07738716335 or by email at

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